We believe in inclusive storytelling

We’re in a time where brands and consumers alike crave transparency and authenticity. Historically, as creatives we've developed these strategies without the voices of the very audiences who would be most impacted by our content. This is where Two Dots drives change.

Inclusive storytelling aims to fosters connection and engages brands in sharing the experiences and identities they care most about while considering their audiences needs and feelings.

our values

Storytelling is a way of connecting , providing visibility & accessibility to information and educating your audience.

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Be Inclusive 

From the creative products we deliver to the way we work with clients, peers and the surrounding community, we take the mindset that the work goes better when all voices are heard. 

Value People’s Time 

We think of quality in terms of time and energy spent. The Two Dots experience should leave clients and collaborators alike feeling heard, satisfied, inspired...even amused! 

Be Adaptable 

Unforeseen changes in your team structure, the goals of your project or your budget? Not to worry! We will ‘keep calm and create on,’ remaining your steadfast partners through the storm. 

Tune in 

Great storytelling begins with listening. First and foremost that means hearing out our clients’ until we fully understand their needs and goals; but it really never ends. Tuning in also means understanding how to best represent each story. 

Collaborate brilliantly 

Projects just go better when all ideas see the light of day, and all voices are heard. 

Innovate thoughtfully 

We balance out the benefits of embracing new approaches while knowing when to revert to tried and tested methods. We challenge assumptions. In the midst of a daily sense of urgency, we imagine, develop, tweak, grow, and evolve solutions that work. 

think local

Local everywhere we go.

Our approach changes the way content is produced and challenges our way of thinking. It gives context, recognition, freedom, and ownership of content created through collaborative partnerships. We take local stories and elevate them on a global scale. We transcend boundaries and start conversations.

Our local impact
Think Bigger
You don't have to be bigger to think bigger.

We're here to make a difference by helping organizations of all sizes create meaningful stories through video and animation.

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Some things are worth breaking the rules for

The innate purpose of marketing is to capitalize on human behavior, psychology and the current state of the world to play on human desires and wants. We know it is hard to avoid the idea that we are selling hope and dreams through services and products.

Two Dots wants to change that by making a conscious effort to work with companies that want to make a positive impact through their work. Our desire is to help tell stories that create visibility, clarity, education, awareness, and resources for solutions that connect people.