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Amplifying the voices of our community.

Covid hit the world and the workforce hard. Raleigh’s local economy was on hold and many people and businesses we knew were struggling. Despite the worldwide disaster, many in our community kept positive and came together. As a local business, we saw this as an opportunity to amplify and share that positivity, and channel that encouragement into a movement for good.


We listened.

We invited the community to share their voice and send us a little note of encouragement of things they miss about their favorite local business. We then went to film each of those businesses to produce a video that created visibility for both the community and the local economy.


Local everywhere we go.

Submissions from the community flooded our inbox and we got a tremendous response from the people of Raleigh. The video campaign will help us connect the voice of the community with each local business and create a wave of encouragement, communications and help increase the decisions to spend locally. This movement is to help keep our money local and to support the Small Medium businesses in our community. Our goal is to repeat this project in other neighboring cities to help boost the local economy.

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